Cream of Tomato and Basil Soup (gluten free, vegan)

IMG_1607 I had tomato soup for the first time in my life about three months ago. Yes, you heard that correctly. In my twenty seven tomato loving years on this planet, pretty much all of them have been tomato soup-less. I have no explanation for this, other than the fact that my early encounters with the dish involved staring at red goop from a can and politely (and not-so-politely) refusing. That basically turned me off the whole thing for good. I assumed it would be an experience somewhere in between drinking straight tomato sauce and hot tomato juice – eeyuk! How ignorant I was. Continue reading

Butternut Squash and Pear Soup (gluten free, vegan)

Butternut Soup (1 of 1)

I feel like all squash are just astonishingly beautiful. I love their strange shapes and vibrant hues, and I adore their creamy texture and sweet flavour. Every squash has something unique to offer and they somehow seem confident in that knowledge, if a fruit can be said to be confident.

Butternut squash knows it makes your soup crazy good. It just has to! Some squash are great for salads, others for stews, but butternut – she can do it all.

Besides featuring this beautiful plant, this soup is literally the easiest dish to pull together. If you decide to make it on a weeknight, you won’t be having dinner at 9pm (unless that’s your thing, of course), and if you’re not in and out of the kitchen in 40 minutes or less, something’s gone wrong! And since everything is going to be pureed anyway, you don’t need to worry about chopping your veggies into uniform pieces. They should be similar in size so that they cook evenly, but the rest doesn’t really matter.

To make things even easier, peel and chop your squash ahead of time and keep it in the fridge until you’re ready to use, so the rest is just a quick dice job and you’re done.

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Asian Fusion Noodle Soup (gluten free, vegan)

Asian Soup 3

I thought about calling this post “Conor’s Favourite Soup”. It is, in fact, his favourite and most asked-for soup, despite my best efforts to convert him to whatever new soup I bring out of the kitchen. His longtime response, “They can’t all be my favourite!,” might just be one of the wiser things I’ve heard spoken in my life.  I suppose I should simply be content with his passion for this soup rather than continually try to tempt him with a new favourite. The point is, as much as this soup is inextricably linked to Conor in my mind, naming it after him does little to inform you lovely people of the aromatic magic happening within.

Let’s take a trip to flavour town, shall we?

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Potato and Leek Soup with Cashew Cream and Crispy Fried Sage (vegan, gluten free)


Hello friends. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I must have been kidding myself to think that moving into a new apartment, working 9-5, preparing every meal from scratch at home, exercising regularly, and still wanting to relax/socialize/sleep 8 hours a night would leave plenty of time for regular blogging. I certainly can’t keep up the same pace I had going during the summer when I wasn’t working. In fact, this weekend I thought long and hard about whether or not I would continue at all now that I’m so busy, and this only being a hobby after all. But then that old adage about “working to live, not living to work” came to mind, and I don’t want my life to only be about survival. Having a creative outlet makes my free time amount to more than just collapsing on the couch and recovering from the work day. It makes it meaningful. So even though I may be just writing this for myself and a few friends, I will persevere.

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Minestrone with White Beans and Pesto (gluten free, vegan)


I love soup! Unabashedly, uncontrollably, undeniably – I love it. Soup is amazing any time of year, any day of the week, and for any meal of the day. It’s a great way to fill your tummy with piles and piles of veggies, without losing any of the nutrients to the boiling process, since they just hang out in the broth! And minestrone is one of those soups that is super easy, super satisfying, and super versatile. I make this soup at all times of the year, and the greatest thing about it is that I can change it up based on the season, the temperature outside, or what I happen to have in the fridge. You can literally change any of the vegetables in here, or change the proportion of each one, to suit your own tastes. Just keep in mind the cooking times – harder vegetables like carrots or broccoli will need longer to simmer than softer ones like mushrooms. Continue reading

(The best!) Thai Coconut Soup with Butternut Squash, Mushrooms, and Tofu (gluten free, vegan option)


thai soupI don’t know about you guys, but I absolutely love the flavours of Thailand. Lemongrass, coconut, ginger and lime – they just go so well together! And while I could probably eat Pad Thai every day of my life (but wouldn’t), there’s something magical about coconut curry soup. What I’m not crazy about, however, is all the extra salt and sugar that my paranoid brain just knows is lurking in restaurant soups. Of course I love going out and eating beautiful, traditionally prepared foods from different cultures, but I don’t love feeling bloated (and dehydrated!) afterwards. This is my attempt to remedy that, resulting in something that is the best of both worlds. Continue reading