Cheesy Potato Waffles with Garlic and Chives (gluten free)

Cheesy Potato Waffles

Every so often I purchase a new kitchen appliance, and it’s like my birthday and Christmas all rolled into one happy Amazon package. I’m pretty good about picking things I will continue to use long after the excitement has worn off – the only exception is my juicer, which was fazed out of my regular rotation about a year after the purchase, in favour of blending whole vegetables – and my waffle iron gets ample attention. I’m pretty sure Conor thought I was nuts for buying it, and even more nuts for how ridiculously excited I was when it arrived, but since then he’s reaped the benefits of the purchase many times over. And at $50, you really can’t go wrong. Continue reading

Power Green Smoothie (aka your new favourite breakfast!) (gluten free, raw, vegan)

smoothie fixins

I love breakfast, don’t get me wrong. I’m not one of those people who “just can’t eat” in the morning. In fact, I’m one of those, “can’t wait to go to sleep so I can wake up and have breakfast” kinds of people (is that weird?). BUT, I don’t like rushing in the morning. Upon rising I always have a glass or two of lemon water to get my digestive fires geared up – they need all the help they can get, believe me – and then I like to relax over a latte a short while later. This morning ritual is not conducive to getting up and going to work in a reasonable amount of time, however. I’ve tried getting up a little earlier and scarfing down a full breakfast before I leave for work or school, since I’ll be starving halfway through the morning if I eat nothing, but that always leaves me feeling bloated. In an ideal world, I would have breakfast an hour or so after my coffee (and thus a couple of hours after rising). Maybe not ideal for some, but it works for me, and digestion is a personal beast. Continue reading