Squash and Chickpea Burgers with Beet Aioli (gluten free, vegan)


I haven’t been posting as frequently as I’d like over the last two weeks. First it was the new job, and then this week I was bedridden with a nasty stomach virus. Between the two, I haven’t had any time for recipe development or even the energy to cook or desire to take photos when I’m hungry (seriously, it’s tough enough on a good day). Fortunately, I had this little gem saved up for just such a time. Perfect for fall, these burgers are sure to be a hit with veggie lovers and meat eaters alike. The thing is, these don’t try to taste like meat.  They are what they are, and the result is pretty fantastic. Continue reading

Beet Hummus (gluten free, vegan)

beet hummus

I love colourful food, don’t you? It tastes of health and vitality, like I can feel my body absorbing all the wonderful nutrients those colours have to offer. Have you ever noticed that junk and processed food tends to look pretty drab? I see a common theme of brown and brownishly white (aka beige for the literate) happening.

But ahh – colour. It’s so inviting, and looks so pretty! Hence my recent love affair with all things beets. You’re going to see a lot of beet eating in my Healthful Hoard, so you’d better get used to it now! Continue reading